Image credit: Gho Iromoto


What is Kaiseki?

Kaiseki is as much an art form as a style of cooking and food preparation.

If you appreciate culinary delicacies, you'll love kaiseki. Kaiseki menus offer a cornucopia of gastronomical treats including tempura, cooked seasonal fish and vegetables, and Authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu.

A kaiseki meal is imbued with the spiritual hush of the tea ceremony, its serene balance of food and utensil, and the visual celebration of nature's delicious bounty.

Through five centuries, kaiseki's master chefs have preserved and passed on the secrets of their tranquil art, and knowledge of the harvest and spawning cycles of all manners of flora and fauna.

They have set the standards for Japanese "haute cuisine".

A kaiseki meal is the tongue-tingling zenith of the Japanese dining experience.

Kaiseki, “a stone against the heart” is a reference to a warm stone that Zen monks held to comfort their stomachs during meditation. For the Japanese, Kaiseki is a spiritual exercise – a meditation on the primacy of nature.


At Hashimoto, we present a night of culinary excellence with a meditative atmosphere to relax your body and mind. Experience Kaiseki cuisine the way it was meant to be – an exploration of delicate textures, flavours and aromas that define each season; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.