Kei Hashimoto

Youngest son to Chef Masaki Hashimoto. 

Assistant Manager, Saké Sommelier, Kaiseki chef apprentice, and Tea Connasoir. 

ASP: Advanced Saké Professional (alumni 2015) 

SSI: Saké Service Institute - Certified International Kikisake-shi 

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My Story

The next successor to the Hashimoto business will merge his skillful knowledge of Japanese Saké and Japanese Green Tea into the future of the Hashimoto brand. The second child of Chef Masaki Hashimoto who began helping his father's restaurant by washing dishes, then as a runner, server assistant,  and now as the main server and manager who knows everything about his father's dishes. The key person who naturally translated this Japanese cuisine into a more understandable English perspective. Every night, you will find him in a Kimono. Also apprenticing and learning the necessary skill for becoming a kaiseki chef, his training is still ongoing. As one would imagine, to surpass a master, you must be a step ahead. 

Naturally, when dining at Hashimoto's, new experiences lead to questions that spark interest in Japanese cuisine and cultural practices. Kei is always pleased to answer any question that reflects the art of Kaiseki, traditional Japanese dining etiquette, and everything else in-between from Japanese Saké to Green Tea. With a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through his multiple visits to Japan, Kei has networked with craftsmen, and industry professionals to obtain the most accurate detail to answer almost any question. A night at Hashimoto's is not just a dining experience, but a means to gain new knowledge that will be useful for your next visit to Japan.


Have an inquiry of our green teas products or Saké selection? Or any other inquiry? Feel free to direct your questions to Kei.