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Masaki Hashimoto

It has been over 35 years since Owner/Chef, Masaki Hashimoto landed in Toronto, Canada with his wife Sachiko.

Trained for 15 years in Kaiseki cuisine at Iwakuni, Ehime, Tsujitome Kyoto, and Kocho in Tokyo. He was one of the few Kaiseki chefs to leave Japan for the new world. To build the initial structure of Japanese Culinary artisan overseas, he with his family continues to express the beauty and elegance of Japanese culinary tradition and "omotenashi." 

In 2007, Mr. Hashimoto returned to Japan to enter the prestigious Japanese Culinary Arts Competition, eventually representing Kyoto in the finals that took place the following year in 2008. From the eleven top national finalists, he had finished as part of the chosen top five chefs, being awarded the Technique Award. An achievement that distinguishes his skill is still recognized as authentic to the Kaiseki techniques, even after two decades in Toronto. 


Our Goal

As a family, we​ strive to expand the rightful knowledge of natural flavors and textures through culinary traditions, techniques, and hospitality for many more years to come, encouraging safe and delicious ingredients to be used without question. 

At Hashimoto, each guest can be assured that they will be provided the best quality as the chef himself is the main one in the kitchen preparing the dishes from start to finish for every guest. Just like Chef's Table, every night. 
This quick video will show you what it is like in the kitchen whilst each dinner service. ​
You will see chef Hashimoto cooking and preparing each dish as his family and other staff members coordinatingly serve.  
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