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Restaurant policies to know before dining. 

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Before you dine with us


Deposits and Cancellations

BEFORE BOOKING a reservation with us, please make sure you have confirmed the date with your guest/partner. Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellations made on the day of the reservation will result in a FULL CHARGE of dinner per person, separate from the deposit, calculated to total $350 per person. A decrease in the number of guests at the time of your reservation will also result in a full charge for the person not attending. You have agreed to these conditions above by completing a booking with us, and all disputes are non-negotiable. 

We only ask you to respect the tremendous work and dedication Chef Masaki Hashimoto puts forth in his cuisine is not taken lightly, and the thoughtfulness of the staff to connect those experiences to you. Our hospitality has no mediocracy, and every reservation is taken seriously. We kindly request your responsibility and commitment when booking a reservation with us.

Cellphone Use

We kindly ask you to put all your phone to vibrate mode and all sounds off. We will not tolerate digital sounds from your phones. 

If you require to answer your phone, we will kindly ask you to go to a designated area, so it does not disrupt other guests. 

As for photography, you may use your phones in silent mode where no shutter sounds are heard. Professional cameras are discouraged unless you can turn off the shutter sound, or picture taking is at a minimum. 

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