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Social Distancing Care Box

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Social Distancing Care Box.

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In these uncertain times, Chef is certain of one thing, having a great meal brings happiness to the mind and soul. Together, we are here to push through this pandemic and provide you with a nourishing meal and inspire your dinner table. Chef only wishes to bring back the world he knows of our dine-in experiences through your sense of taste, smell, and presentation in our take away options.  We hope to re-open as soon as things calm down. 


Chef has prepared four options for our “Social Distancing care boxes” and can also accommodate all food restrictions. A minimum of 12-hour notice is required to prepare you the best of meals just like our restaurant experience. Currently, only curbside pickup between 4pm - 8pm but can be flexible for any earlier or later pickups. A credit card is required to complete the transaction manually for minimal contact, and we are open 7 days a week. To make an order or to inquire, please contact rsvp@kaiseki.ca


Let’s enjoy “Ichigo Ichie” a moment together and share the happiness we find in a great meal. 

At Hashimoto, we present a night of culinary excellence with a meditative atmosphere to relax your body and mind. Experience Kaiseki cuisine the way it was meant to be – an exploration of delicate textures, flavours, and colours that define each season,  
Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  
We invite you to come to our restaurant, not just to fulfill your stomach but to feel the warmth through food and hospitality. With ONLY 3 tables, we encourage a private dining experience for all guests. 
Also, thank you to OAD for honouring our restaurant 89th on the 100+ North American Restaurants in 2019. 

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