January 2022

As of January 5th, Indoor dining will Close and transition to Take Away Care Boxes.
(More details are found in the Information tab above)

Restaurant kitchen maintenance and update installation will occur from January 19th to estimated to January 26th. Our Take Away services will be available before January 19th, and after January 26th.
Thank you for your understanding. 

2022 ご挨拶.jpg

Thank you for your support, and wish you a prosperous 2022!


Upon arrival, please check in with QR code for contact tracing, and show your validation of vaccination.

Also, we kindly ask all guests to wear less or no fragrances
(ie. perfume or cologne) as Kaiseki cuisine is sensitive to other aromas. 


Reservations requirements

3-week advance reservation notice recommended.
Limited to
three tables, and a max capacity of 8 people.
One seating only


Cancellation Policy
​In order to provide our guests with the highest quality of ingredients from Japan, upon accepting a reservation, we make a specialized order to our supplier and if any cancellation occurs starting 3 days prior to the reserved date, there will be charges applicable to cover pre-ordered ingredients. We appreciate your understanding. ​

Cancellation Policy: Calculated by the total amount of guests reserved

3 days before: 30%

2 days before: 30%

1 day before: 50%

Day of rsvp: 100% 


Update: All cancellation fees are waived since January 5th until further notice.


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