Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto

Restaurant Dine-in Seating will continue to temporarily close as Toronto re-enters Lockdown 
This is certainly a challenging time for us all and ask for your continuous support! 
At Hashimoto, we present a night of culinary excellence with a meditative atmosphere to relax your body and mind. Experience Kaiseki cuisine the way it was meant to be – an exploration of delicate textures, flavours, and colours that define each season.
We invite you to enjoy our care boxes, not just to fulfill your stomach but to feel the warmth through food and hospitality.

Take away Care box offered until end of Winter

Shizuoka Musk Melon whole (Market Price)

Afternoon Tea Care Box

$150.00 + Tax

(Includes Cold brew Sencha) 

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Care Box 

$150.00 + Tax

(Includes Sashimi and Dessert)

Wakayama Unagi Care Box

$150 + Tax

(Includes whole Unagi and Chawanmushi) 

Winter Care box

$150.00 + Tax

Dinner Course Care box      

$300.00 + Tax

Enjoy our 8-course dinner menu neatly arranged into three boxes. 

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